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The Inside Story of Technical Support Scam

Hi Everyone !!!

I don't know how to start and from where. I want to say something about phone calls that people are receiving for Technical Support from Microsoft Certified Engineers. I was hired in this company for sales profile and in just 1day it was clear that this company is running a scam. I didn't like the way they are doing their business. So i thought to finally write a blog about it and spread this message. These are some companies with a strength of few people are making fool of thousands of people which soon will turn out to be million. In other words my company is running a Partial scam. Why Partial? i will explain you later on. I m very much fed up, because of these bunch of morons whole Indians are going to suffer and that's why i decided to Expose these fake Microsoft Certified Engineers infront of everyone specially UK People.
Let me explain you how these companies are operating a Scam:
The company in which I was hired is a registered company in India and claims to provide Technical Support world wide which is NOT true. They are providing technical support only in UK. The company got 60employees in total in which 50 are sales people and 10 in technical support. 
The agents used to call people rather say do cold calls and introduce themselves as Microsoft Certified Engineer which is NOT true. These agents are under-graduates and are working here because they are offered good salary with nice incentives. NO ONE in my company is Microsoft Certified Engineer including the CEO who is running this company. Now these agents tell people that they got viruses on their computer and their computer is running in a critical stage. Now because of Indian accent most people in UK are not able to understand the whole thing, but what they understand is MICROSOFT. They think that they have received the call from Microsoft. And then people start probing. Let me give you a small conversation:

Agent: Hello Am i talking to Mr. XYZ?
Customer: Yes speaking
Agent: Hi Mr XYZ my name is ABC and i am a Microsoft Certified Engineer calling from abc company. And this is a complimentary health check for your computer for free.
Customer: How do you know that my computer got viruses?
Agent: Sir, if you remember when you work on your computer sometimes you got a pop-up from Microsoft windows to send error report. Have you ever send those error reports ?
Customer: Yes I always send these reports.
Agent: That's the reason Microsoft come to know about these errors and passes these tendors to Technical companies like us, to call these people and resolve their issues. If you could allow me two minutes i can show you those errors?
customer: ok. What you want me to do now?
Agent: I want you to click on start button and then click on RUN. Now type in eventvwr and click on OK button.
Now on left hand make a double click on Application. Now do u see error warnings?
Customer: Yes i can see their are lot of errors
Agent: Yes Mr. XYZ these are errors and warnings and this has happened because you got many viruses on your harddisk and can crash your harddisk any time and you will loose your all data.
Now after this they can convince you and will agree you for the payment.

May be you should listen to this recording given by one of the user of my blog.

Let me give you the answers to all your questions which must be  hitting in your head:

Is company getting their business from Microsoft?
No, the company is not getting any kind of business from Microsoft. Microsoft have never pass any sort of business to fix computer of all those people who are using Windows Operating System. You can confirm this information by dialing Microsoft Customer care number which you can get on this link

What is event viewer, errors and Warnings?
Guys this is the thing that these people are using to fool you. Eventviewer is nothing but a small section where windows keep a track of errors and warnings. These are not Viruses. Eventviewer is a log where you can see what went wrong in your computer and at what time. For ex. When you run an application like itunes and if something will go wrong in itunes then Windows will show you a pop-up and will ask you to click on End Now and then will ask you to send error report to Microsft. Now something wrong in itunes will be considered as an error and is saved in eventviewer.

How these errors can be removed?
Very Simple!!! For Windows XP
Click on Start Button 
Then Click on Run
Type "eventvwr" without quotes in Run window
Click OK

Right click on Application, click on clear events, click on No and that's it. Follow the same for other items on left hand side like System, Security, Internet Explorer etc.
For Windows 7 and Vista its more easy. Download a batch file. Run it as Administrator and its Done.

Guys, the event viewer is a log, you can delete them anytime you want. These are NOT viruses and errors on your hard disk.

What about the softwares that these companies are installing on your PC's?
The softwares that these companies are providing are absolutely FREE. You can download them from a website called or from any other website. Even the antivirus from Microsoft which is Microsoft Security Essentials is absolutely free for Windows Genuine users. Some of the softwares are really good. Ccleaner, Malwarebytes, MSE, except Defraggler which is not required because this software is already installed in windows with the name Disk Defragmenter.

Is company registered in UK?
Yes, the company is registered in UK which you can check on the website This is a UK government website where people do online registration for companies and filling annual reports and other stuff. Now the point is, for registration of an company the company should have an office and I am not sure but i believe that these people have some contacts in UK and thats how they are able to get their company registered on some fake address. The registration cannot be fake because to get the online Payment gateway a company should be registered in UK and for registration the person have to submit his/her documents. So the result is that these companies are registered in UK but on a fake address. 

How much time it takes for a successful transaction ?
As soon as you make payment it takes 6days or may be a week to transfer the amount from your account to these companies account. In case if you have made any payment, you can simply cancel the payment by calling your bank and I would recommend to cancel your card because these people have all your details saved and can take your money anytime. So be careful.

How these people know your full name and address?
I believe this is the most interesting question for everyone and many of you must be exciting to know the answer. Alright ! The answer is: these people are using a website which is a famous website. Its and the proper link is
Yes guys!!! they search the numbers on bt directory and bt directory carries your full name and address. If you will ask them how they know your full and address. Their answer will be Microsoft has provided your details because you are a genuine Microsoft User. Isn't that easy to search anyone's details?

Do these companies really got Microsoft Certified Engineers?
No, A big NO for this question. No one is Microsoft Certified Engineer(MCE) in such companies. There are some people who really have good knowledge about Windows but they are not MCE. Now here comes a funny story how these people fool others. When the customer asks "How can i believe that you are MCE" The reply from these people is: "Mr. XYZ you can search on google about my employee id, my photo and everything. Just type in UmaKanta Mishra MCP and you can see every detail about me and if you will check on google images you can see my id as well...." 
Lolzzzzz Every agent use this name to fool people. 

Who the hell is UmaKanta Mishra ?
UmaKanta Mishra is really a Micorosft Certified Professional and have other certification and achievements as well but he is not a part of such companies. These people are using his name because he is famous on google. This will be a big surprise for UmaKanta Mishra that he is so much famous in UK. To know more about him follow this link

 This is the picture that these used to send to customer telling them that they are MCP.

How they take control of my PC?
These people use a very small program called ammyy which you can download from website They will ask you to download and run this software. Then they will ask you to give ID and click on start. Then you receive a request and will ask to click on Accept. That's it ! Now they are into your computer and can do anything even without your knowledge.

 Ammyy Icon

Do these people can take control of your PC without your authorization?
Yes, they can take control of your PC without your authorization but their is a condition for it. Now the questions comes how? For the very first time when they ask you to run the Ammyy program, you receive a pop up with 3 options and third option is "Remember my answer to this operator" They will ask you to check this option and click on Accept button. According to the third option You are authorizing the third person to take control of your computer without your permission. So next time there will be no pop-up and they will be into your computer even without permission because you have checked the 3option. So never do that. This is how it looks:

How can you find out if someone is using your computer?
It's pretty much easy to find if someone else is using your computer.When you grant the access of your computer to these people just notice the mouse cursor. It's always blinking till the time they are into your computer. Now the second symptom is wallpaper. When your PC is connected to their PC your wallpaper will get disable and your screen will turn into a solid color wallpaper like Black, grey etc. Though this symptom is not reliable because many times the wallpaper does not get disable. But your mouse pointer will always keep on Blinking.

How to remove the Ammyy Program?

Run Ammyy
When its open Click on Ammyy {see image}
Goto Service then click on stop and then click on Remove
Thats it!!! If in some case its grayed out then dont worry Ammyy is not running and you are safe.

Are these guys selling plan to those who don't have internet connection at all?
Yes, they are. These people are selling plan to people who even don't have any Internet Connection. You must be thinking how its possible? Here is the answer. These people tell customers that your computer is connection to Microsoft Server through Satellite and Microsoft is receiving errors which you got on your Computer. They took the credit card details from the Customer and assure them that everything is fine. This is really too much and this thing really forced me to write about these people and expose them.

Can you get your money back from these people?
 It depends. If you have paid your money to a scam money than forget the refund and also the technical support. But there are companies who are providing support to their customers but they will refund only when they will crash your PC. I mean, there is a time when a technician really can not do anything to fix your computer. This happen in situation when your computer is badly infected with viruses and then there is only option left Re-installation of Windows and sometimes re-installation causes NO BOOT situation. In this case only a local technician can help you. Help on phone is not possible. In this kind of situation you can get your money back from a partial-scam company but not from a scam company.

Why I am saying some companies are running partial Scam?
Every company who is providing Technical Support is not a genuine company. But there are companies who are providing Technical Support but using a very wrong way to get the business. If you have paid money definitely they will provide you the Tech Support but you never know when these companies can shutdown their operation. Since they are providing Tech Support I would say its a partial scam. 

What if they will not leave your computer?
This is another reason that forced me to write about this scam. Sometimes what happen these sales people spend almost 1hr on one customer to convince him/her for tech support plan but for some reason if customer denied to take Tech Support, then they really get frustrated and try to threaten the customer. They daunted them if they will not pay then they will not give them their icons back and will not leave their computer forever.
Please don't get scare if they tell you that they will crash your computer or will not leave your computer if you will not pay. Simply Shutdown your computer. And if they have hide your icons then you can get them back by yourself. I will tell you how:

  1. Right Click on desktop
  2. Then Click on View
  3. Then click on Show Desktop icons
Thats it!!!
Your icons are back now. This goes for Windows XP/Vista/7

How they are getting toll free number of UK?
A toll free number is suppose to be only for a Company which should be registered but in UK i believe its pretty much simple. Any one can get a toll free number, even you and me, all we need is a domain name, that's it. These people are getting toll free numbers from a website called for few pounds. This site provide facility to route the calls to anywhere you want to. For verification, they only send an email on company's domain. So when customers from UK dial toll free number, their call landed to India because of the facility provided by

Are these companies changing name?
After every 3-4 months later these companies do change their names because in 3-4 months time they got bad reputation on google and customers always look for companies reputation on google and this thing force them to change their company name and their number. The company for which i was hired change their name 5times in just 1.5years. Now i did research and finally got some proof for it. There are two companies called and and if you will check their website they got the same toll free number. Is this a mistake or what? No, they must be trying to save some bucks and are using same number. Have a look on the screen shots of these two websites and check the toll free number.

Look guys! i have done my part and will keep updating this blog but if you really want to stop it, please spread this message and expose them on TV. If you need any help from me i am here for you.

Thanks for reading this


  1. Hi,

    I would love to talk to you about this. I work for tech show BBC Click.. please come to my twitter stream @katerussell and let me know who you are so we can connect.


  2. I have written about this for The Guardian newspaper. Please get in touch -

  3. Happened to me Us resident. Scammed for money and fell for the error report B--- S---. Whenever I turn my computer on the phone rings and guess who is ready to fix my crashing computer. As of today they informed me they will refund my money due to problems with Better Business Bureau. Just go to (spelling is correct) and fill out form for refund. Like thats going to happen. Want to know what they put in my computer that tells them computer is on? Need to get rid of asap. Rich S, USA

  4. They have just tried it on my mother luckerly she passed the call to me I knew it was a scam so whilst drawing their tactics searched efix scam on google and found this extremely useful post. They passed me through to 3 different people to try and counter my banter, 25mins later after when I was getting a little bored i began reading them some of the paras from this post to which they spat their dummy out and put the phone down!! LOL many thanks for the post. Spread the word as they are pretty good at what they do!!

  5. There is no way that anyone can take access of ur computer when You are getting Blue Screen error...obviously to run a software your computer should be working fine but since its not working there is no point that anyone can come to know when u start ur computer. So don't get panic simply format ur computer computer completely and also disconnect ur phone and internet. Re-install a new window is the only solution.
    I'm sorry i m replying so late...

  6. Rich S USA: Re,post 20 Nov 2011. Following day I filed a complaint with the Internet Crime complaint Center(IC3). Hopefully some action will be taken. Have received two calls per day since last post. Pesky little buggers. Good luck to all.

  7. everything is 100% true,they got upset and left me with a blank screen when I did not pay

  8. I am in Canada and got a call like this yesterday. They had Indian accents (spoke to two of them - one came on the line as the supervisor for the technical department of Microsoft). They knew the serial number of my computer that I use for work and said that they needed to "repair some issues that are backing up the system" which would be free of charge. I verified that the serial number was correct when they directed me to the start button and told me to put a code in the search bar. Once the man started to give me further instructions I got suspicious and told him I will take the notes and call my own IT about it. When he realized that I was not going to continue after trying to convince me, he put the phone down on me. How did they know the serial number? Is there any chance they have access now - I did not go any further after the black box with my serial number came up. I did not download anything. Do I need to take any further action. My IT from my work say that my computer is protected and I should be ok. Could they have access to any of my banking details, etc if I did not download anything? Thanks!

    1. its not the serial is same for every computer

    2. That's what I learned today when they called me. All computers have the same number they quote you. This is continuing for years - REALLY! Why can't someone stop them?

  9. Yes, its possible that these people know your computer's serial number. Look, India have call center of almost every company. Now stealing customer's info is not a big deal. Its a possibility that people who called you must have worked in a call center of Dell, HP or any other company and have stolen all customers information from there else there is no possibility that these people get to know about serial number. Hacking is the only way to steal data from your computer. But you don't worry, these people are not Hackers. If these people have not installed anything on your computer then just chill else i will recommend to Restore your computer back to the date when these people called you.

    1. They dont tell you your serial number they say it is the C.L.S. id and the number they show is the same for everyone using windows.

  10. Did you see the recent articles about that at There are also hours of videos there about it^^

    The guy from fools them by letting them do their "work" on a virtual machine and recording everything... at the end poking holes in their claims and then revealing himself.

    The funniest thing is part 3, where they cold call him AGAIN, and when they find out he is the guy who put the videos about that on the internet, they try to delete system files and format the harddrive (in a very foolish very, which doesn't even work^^) and browse to a porn site.

  11. Thank you for exposing the inner workings of this scam. It has helped many and is very appreciated. Takes a lot of guts and honour to do what you are doing.

    We were contacted tonight and did not give them any information. I work with older adults and will get the word out locally.

    Thanks again!

    1. this blog is so good ..plz also see this link

  12. I was about to delete this blog because i contacted by many people from UK specially the media people but these media people don't even thanked me for whatever information i mail them. I was feeling to delete this blog. But your comment has now owned my heart and i will update more details about it.
    Thank you so much...

    1. Really sorry to read you've been disappointed by people you've contacted in the UK. I'm writing a story on this subject and would be very grateful if you could get in touch:

  13. I too thank you, I was contacted today I wasn't fooled, I work in IT and I am way too paranoid, but your blog helped explain the background. The media people should be ashamed of themselves as you sent them information and they haven't bothered to thank you.
    Keep up the blog it is a credit to your self and the GOOD people I know most Indians to be (I have many work collegues in Bangalore)

    Again profound thanks

  14. Yes, please do keep the blog online - so many people don't know about it yet and I only saw it because a friend posted it on Facebook. Thanks - media people are ignorant and if you take it down because of their rudeness then it's not them that suffer - it's the people who don't know about the scam yet who won't see the blog.

  15. Thank you for this. A friend of mine has just been robbed of £150 through this scam and she's so scared and upset she hasn't slept for two days. We have to make sure these people are brought to justice.

  16. Some people do that Glydel and some are too late to realize that it can still be fixed when your trash bag has already been picked up by the garbage truck.

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  17. ya dude its exactly right they try to get in to their Back Account

  18. thank you for all you are doing. what are the actions against it? how long will it take to stop?

  19. Reserve Bank of India has raised concerns on this and have made some changes in guidelines of online transactions because of which many call centers have shut down including my company as well. I am so happy now :)
    But still few companies are still managing. If you really want to Stop it Please spread these words to Everyone. Share this on facebook or any other website.

    1. It's okay, fine. But can you please tell me boy you are writing so many great lines for some very good cause. But one single question roaming in my head why are you feeling so bad? Why are you taking so many pain? Do you have any chance to go to uk and earn some money... or what? Where were you that time when they made us slave? If you are really feel sorry then come forward , show us your work details if you are true, show us .... Is it possible Modern Valmiki????

    2. I am sure you are one of those scamers and that's the only reason you are feeling so bad about this blog. It seems you are planning to get the whole money back from Britishers but boy that was 18th century, its now 2012, comeon grow up. That was history. Live in present. And since you seems to be a very patriotic person i have some questions for you:
      what you have done so far to make your country proud? What are you doing against terrorists how are killing innocent Indians every year?
      What you are doing against Pakistanis who forcefully had taken the part of Kashmir?
      Leave the world tell me What are you doing against the corrupt politicians who got thousands of billion dollars in Swiss Bank as black money and have made the situation for India to get loan from World Bank? India could be the richest country in the world if black money will come back to India. But it cannot be possible because people like you believe in looting people and fulfill their dreams.
      You were asking what i have done for my country then here is the answer:
      By writing this blog I have tried to save India's image from being questionable. Because of few Indians like you whole country would suffer. I am trying to save two countries relationship. When i will visit UK, i don't want to be racially abused by people.
      How would you feel when phrases like "Why Indians are so corrupted?" get the maximum search hits on Google? I am not just criticizing India but I am doing something for my country and I will do more when I will make more money. But right now I am using Facebook to help people. I have created some pages to help people and to spread my voice:

      Dude your British story is just an excuse for looting people. All I know is, we all are same and we all are Humans. Being a Britisher or Indian doesn't matters to me. What matters is Humanity.

      Thanks for honoring me with "Modern Valmiki"

      support on click scam

      This company is the same kind of scam company

  20. I agree with you...we are in 2012 now and we just can't talk about the past.....its gone!!!...No matter where you are, where you are from, what you open and honest if you are involved in any kind of business transactions...:)


  21. i got a call today,i told them i worked MI5 ( British secret service), they soon ended the call lol

  22. These calls have started coming to South Australia now. As someone who has worked with computers for 20 years I instantly knew it was a scam, but played along to find out enough detail so I could warn people. Apparently they have been hitting Australia for at least 2 years, but probably the larger cities like Sydney and Melbourne.

    You are right now OP, I am suspicious of anyone calling with an Indian accent due to these types of scams. Thanks for being one of the good guys.

  23. I live in Perth Western Australia and I got two calls from two different companies in two days. The first one told me an address of an office in Sydney, I told her I had a Mac and she got angry with me and kept insisting I didn't. The second one I let him talk and he said a couple of key things. One, that they are not permitted to give out the phone number of their office "for security reasons", two, that the "error logs" they receive have had the "personal details" removed from them for protection of privacy, and that is why they have to ask me what my operating system is instead of knowing from the error log (which I told him, error logs have OS in them). I said my operating system is OSX 10.6, at which point he told me his department does not handle Macs and I would be receiving a call from Mac department soon.

    Tell me, how much exactly *do* they get paid?

  24. I got such prank call from roboranttech.

  25. Their salaries are not too high but incentives are pretty much good. These people are offered between 25000 to 35000 INR including incentives. This is a good amount for Indian Employees.
    In my next post I will let you know how to hit these scammers.

  26. Let me tell you guys i have been working in this company more than 2 months but they haven't given our last month salary yet ... i was into calling process !! ya calling people and telling lies and make them scared and sell the plan , i have few details of the customers please what you can do call the credit card company and tell them to give the money back ! ya Charge back !!!!

    Mr Charles Crookes 1792646244,07765282653
    Mr Alastair F Cameron 1722782545
    Mr Andrew John Cameron 1590611426
    Miss Dory Crellin 1726891047
    Mr John Manning 1628664886
    Mrs Christine Newlands 1340810691
    Mr Timothy w Sedgwick 1392851223
    Mrs Sandra Wilson 01243267772,07791130251
    Mr James Connell 1779238158
    Mr Richard Charles Christopher 1780789868

    if ur from uk or if anyone sees this from uk please call above customers and
    tell the fact , its scam

    1. Hi, please get in touch:

  27. what a blog, good going guise.....

  28. nice article, you would think that most people are aware that if you get a call from a call centre serviceout of the blue it's probably not legitimate, but these people are still trying these unscrupulous tactics and the word needs to be spread!

    1. That's why i need help of everyone to spread these words. I tried to contact BBC but in vain. Spread this blog locally. Share it on Facebook, twitter, Pinterest...any social network

    support on click scam

    This company is the same kind of scam company

  30. They terrorizing all Norway. This scoundrels calling me up again and again ....

  31. Thank you Thank you thank you! I was scammed today, they woke me up and said I had a lot of viruses and if I did not remove them I would not been able to use windows at all! Of course I was afraid when I heard that!. My gut feeling told me this wasn´t right but I just thought about my brand new computer crashing so i neglected that feeling and did what they told me!Afterwords I noticed a new icon and it was the ammyy. I searched with malwarebytes but it didn´t find anything. I also tried an uninstaller program without success(didn´t find it). Finally I tried some program that didn´t even finish the scan! I tried to remove ammy from the list of programs but it isn´t there. I was afraid to open the ammyy file but now I will try, otherwhise I have to re-format windows. Anyway thanks for doing the right thing!

  32. Just because you got thrown out of the organization for faking sales this is what you do? It is a shame to hire such employees who cannot even thank the organization for giving you your salary despite of no productivity from you.

    1. Ha have made a nice guess but that's not true. I was working very well and was shifted to Tech Dept and i was offered a very good hike when i was leaving their defrauder organization. It's my inner soul that forced me to expose you people and helping this world to be a better place to live in and respecting every individual on this planet. You have full rights to write anything about me obviously i have pushed down your scamming business.

    2. You are such a jack**s there are millions of indians who are able to win their bread & butter becoz of these industry & you are trying to shut it down; I know you will say that they can do some other work; but in my organisation which was running on same process there were guys who were 10th failed(most of them) & they started to support their family with the amount they got & coz of people like you now they are back to what they used to do 'crime'...You are telling urself patriot ...dude you have just fooled yourself bloody inner soul....

    3. Thanks for accepting the fact people in your organization are NOT Microsoft Certified engineers but 10th fail. And don't think that you are helping people by giving them job but technically you are teaching people that money can only be earned based on lie and loot.
      India have a market of billion dollars based on Call Centers and you scammers are closing these opportunities. You are defaming your country and that's why most of outsourcing process are now settled in Philippines.
      And that's right One day your business will run out. And i will do it...

    4. you Anonymous. You are bloody fellow. Bullshit bread and butter. Go and do hard work. Sitting to earn easy bucks by cheating people. You jack**s must be starved to death.

    5. Im from the Philippines and currently working as a CSR for Microsoft (AU and NZ).. My heart breaks everytime I get calls from the victims.. These Indians are defaming their country.. Gos'd good He created "accent"!! BEst blog so far though!! Keep it coming bro!!

    6. *God is good He created "accent"!! Best blog so far though!! Keep it coming bro!!

    7. i love india its best in tech support word knows it i think owner of this blog is not indian
      his aim it to show bad image of indian call center
      this guy cheated his owner by taking sales data out as per data protection act you can not take out sales lead

      if his owner is bad which i dont know he is for sure not right guy he theft with sales data

      this bloger is not indian

  33. Scammers who hire 10th class failed students and tell them they earn a living from this scam jobs to support themselves and their families are fooling their own souls. You fucking loot money from the innocent foreigners by cheating and deceiving them? Do you have any shame at all? Playing with innocent peoples lives and emotions? you know what? what goes around comes back; so be careful before you even think to cheat or deceive the innocent people. Shame on you all who tell that your proud to be an Indian. I am fucking ashamed to be an Indian. We would have been a far better country if the bristishers have ruled us. With all these corrupt politicians, corrupt businessmen, corrupt policemen, No respect towards women, you treat women like a piece of shit in India and talk about how great is our culture is? The only reason I'm happy to be an Indian is to see some good people like "Indian Call Center Scam". I dont know who you are, but whoever you are, its people like you who assure me that there are a few out there who are like me fighting for a good cause for this hopeless country driven by corruption.

    1. I can sense your frustration and have same feelings for this country. Seriously, I want to move out of this country but sometimes I think being an Indian its my duty to atleast try to initiate a change among us. I have initiate my unknown revolution with this blog and now planning something big. If you want to be helping hand, please leave your email ID.

    2. Abe oh chutiyon...can we get back to work now...bahut hogayi bakchodi...chalo ab kaam karlo and get some numbers on board....or agar jyaada hi shok hai choudary bane ka...toh Bhagat singh bano saalo...aur tu chutiye saale kya Britain britain kar raha hai...bahanke lode saale agar wo hume loot ke na le jaate..toh hume ye kaam na karna we are getting that treasure back in form of small amounts....It is very easy to write wrong about your own country men you "asshole" because of some young foolish Indian assholes then they were able to rule us for over 200 years, had it been somebody assfuckers like us would had spared none, be is white ass or any motherfucking colors.You are born to be fucked by these whiteassholes......keep licking them and call your countries Smart Assfuckers who are getting foreign exchange back and running this economy well better than you lick there assess. If you have any brilliant idea to get atleast our very own Kohinoor diamond or peacock throne...consider yourself to be lucky.If you can answer this then please reply......deing to fuck you again....

    3. Hi Kid

      I don't have much time for this shit so let me get this straight for You. Have you deposited any amount to Indian Government or you have been hired by Indian Government because you were saying that you are fighting to get that Kohinoor Diamond back to India. You are filling your own stomach dude. I have never seen such a creepy excuse for making a crime. You are not doing this for your country but for your own needs.

      Now lets assume what you doing is correct then what Pakistan is doing is 100% correct. Because they think India has taken Kashmir from them, that's their land and they are fighting for it. Right!
      Is their any difference left between you and Pakistanis?

      There was another country which got freedom in the same year when India got freedom i.e. 1947 and that Country was Korea. These people had low GDP than India. People were dying of hunger. Now look at their GDP and ours. Just check where we stand.

      We would have been a great country ahead of China and America if we had worked for our country. But for people like you, country comes in the last or it won't.

      Look at your first line of comment you are such a kiddo. Grow up kid, get a good job and find some peace.

    4. Not Every one is doing this...but due to this all genuine call centers got shut down....

    5. "Indian Call Center Scam" - You fucking traitor

  34. I got this call for the 2nd time around. But this time, i got smarter. I asked lots of question regarding their legitimacy. How the hell they knew my number? If they are from Microsoft they should have known what my OS version is. And the person with an Indian accent is very anxious to transfer the call to the Microsoft Tech Engineer. Im a programmer but I played ignorant when talking to them. They are so annoying. And rude. They hang up.

  35. I get loads of calls from these guys - I simply created a Windows 7 Pro install in Virtual Box - keep the master and create a clone then I let them waste their time doing their thing. I then proceed to insult them until they put the phone down.

    Delete the screwed image, create a new clone from the master and wait for them to call again... all the time they're on the phone to me they're not screwing anyone else over.

  36. Roboranttech support they are actually do scams . They always says that we gonna fix your computer . Whatever will be the problem . They even can't reset the facebook account . Optimized my computer , then they claim they are with Aol . Hahaha .. bullshit company . Sue this company.

  37. I don't knw who u r and where u live but I would like to make a confession...............I am DOING BCA graduation(IT DEGREE) and is currently awaiting results. So I decided to join a call center cause I had nothing else to do.I dial for the us tech process.....anywayz during the training session they showed us the EVENTVIEWER and I had a susspicion as i knew wat it was so I asked but they brought their senior technical manager and tried to convince me.........and when theu couldn't they asked me to leave.....that is where I realized that it is a scam so I left quietly and joined another call canter who has a survey process in the UK and are legit.....and I suddenly happen to stumble on this post so I would like to request the american people also to not make any transaction over the phone.....and yes I was tempted by the incentives being offered but I jst could'nt bring myself to go with it....and for those who think I am betraying my country....can you say this with pride and no hesitation..........I AM PROUD TO BE A INDIAN NOW........we r good people but many of us don't have any money or good education to make it through life so many r forcedto do this to earn money.....I would like to start a call center for them in a ligit way where we will offer genuine service to people around the globeunitl then I will do what ever I can to stop this shit....

  38. I know one company who is running this scam in kolkata and now have started doing same FRAUD in Noida.

    Mr. Raj Kumar Mishra owner of this company is a big Fraud master. His company name is Liz Infotech Pvt. Ltd.


    They are calling customer in UK And US by using MICROSOFT Name.

    They have given target of $5000 to every tele caller per month. Its A BIG FRAUD.

    And this guy say he is not afraid of Police and Ministers. He says he give money share to Police and Ministers of Delhi and Noida.

    Its a BIG SCAM. NOW this Scam Master Mr. RAJ MISHRA is going to hire 200 agents in Noida.

    He told his Rs. 3 crores got stuck in payment gateway in Kolkata. Now he is using multiple payment options to run this SCAM. I have heard he has made crores of money in this scam. He has made his relatives as managers and ceo to run this fraud.

    He keeps changing his offices every now and then.

    He is using web designing and all as MASK to cover his FRAUD.

    More details can be provided on reply.

    Here are few links on SCAM Centers operating in India.:

    1. India is not worried about these things. We will have to do something about it. Do you have any recordings or proof?

    2. I know tele agents, team leaders, HR companies whom they hired to get agents who can do these scams.

    3. Liz Infotech Pvt. LTD. raj mishra and prabhas both just believe in FRAUD and defaming IT industry. Both cant even speak english properly. Their face denotes FRAUD. Meet them and you will witness a FRAUD MASTER.

      SOON they will be in JAIL. I heard some govt agencies and companies have already started working on gathering proofs and have found lots of FRAUDS in their business. They can be nabbed along with their families. They have banking proofs, recordings even videos. Audio and Video of company. In India law takes its own time .... But always catches culprits. Lets wait which day or night we will see them getting caught and inside jail.

      Soon they will be in JAIL along with their team members and employees.

      lizinfotech pvt ltd will be closed soon with their directors and team behind bars. New govt agencies can nab them soon.

      18 February 2015 at 20:11

    4. I'd really like to discuss this with you - please contact me at or Many thanks in advance.

  39. Hello guys.. those who beleive that it's a scam... One importan lesson to you all..
    Do you know why there are companies like this one.. Suppose you have the problem with your dell computer and you called dell.. It might be possible that it will take more than half n hour in order to connect with the representative and after that they will transfer the call to the technical department..
    They don't give the fuck because you have already purchased the software and once it is sold nobody cares what problems you would have..

    There are some companies which should be closed immediately..
    Complanies who call you and say they are from micrsoft or the company who will explain that there are virus in your computers without any problem in the computer..

    If you will call other companies... 90% of them are genuine and the problem that you have can be solved easy in less than an hour..

    They are providing you the same service and i do not believe they are doing anything wrong... It is a business and all world is doing the same...

    Just thing about one big personality and think when he/she started the business what she/had...

    Do you beleive that he/she followed all good strategies lifetiem...
    The answer is no..
    Once you will reach the high level.. you will start explaining it yourself saying that it is wrong..

    Because you do not want others to follow the same path..because they will also reach the certain heights..

    There are both negative and positive aspect in every thing..

    Take care

  40. now they ask you to RUN and give you 6 digit code to add on blank box and then they can get into your computer. it happened to me yesterday(Nov.2nd). I was stupid. after doing all that I realized that it is a scam. I am worried that they can get into my computer anytime without my notice and take all the infos in my computer. I reported abuse on today(Nov.3rd) any suggestion regrading this?

    I need help! :(

    1. Unplug your Lan cable and uninstall that software if installed from your machine.

    2. format your system

    3. Inbound Technical Support call | Call at: +91 981-142-0083 | inbound calls for tech support | tech support inbound calls A great online marketing company for tech support inbound calls, Inbound Technical Support call by osiel web

  41. v long running post this is.. well.. it surely is in a way scam. i would say almost all companies are doing it. but the word 'SCAM" is too big. I would say, people cant be so foolish. and nobody is innocent that they will shell out so much money without fear. it can happen in india too, and has happend to indians too. everybody is earning money. and well, this post does give a good message, but only half of it. because, this guy feels everybody is a bad and scammer? or because everybodys doing it. it is more because people of those country, are real fools. i mean, freak ,in such money u give for support or issue. u can buy a new computer. but no u want to get fooled..and so people will make a fool out of you. it is much like a case of politicians all around the world... they do the same.. and we still vote for them.. bcoz.. we r just freaking fools.. or lazy. but then ofcourse as i mentioned earlier, there are exceptions. and writing blogs and telling people about it a way to do it.. but then you must research more and tell the full truth.... theres a lot to all these kind of things..

  42. Thanks for the blog. I'd been had but there's no chance of getting the money back. Changed my pc but still get phone calls. I put it down but it scares do i get rid of them???

    1. Changing PC has nothing to do with the calls that you are receiving. These people randomly dial a number and pretend that they know that you have windows operating system. Only thing you can do is tell them that You own Macintosh system and they will not bother you. But someone else will call you.
      To get rid of these people you alone can't do anything. It can only be government who can block these calls or ask Telecommunication companies not to display numbers on their website.

  43. I have just read this blog afte being scammed last night, I got scared, paid my money and they fiddled around behind a black screen for 20 minutes. Fair enough, my virus checker wasn't working properly as my Indian 'friend' pointed out. Glad I came home and read this blog before he called today to 'fix' my other computer. When he rang, I told him to keep the money, congratulations! 5 minutes later he rang back to apologise, swore (on his father's grave) he'd look for another job and would try to refund some money from his own salary. I told him he should be ashamed for giving India a bad name, and he agreed. All I asked for was that he delete all my details, hope he will. He didn't have to ring back, but did to apologise. At least that's something. Maybe I'll visit my bank tommorrow and ask if they can recover my money - miracles do happen, sometimes. Feel such an idiot!

  44. I have read this blog from the very start and now was compelled to write something about the technical support in India . This technical support process is to help people who are facing some problem operating their computer , provide them an alternate way to solve their problem and for which they charge . As far as the problem and fraud is concern can be done by the local technician too . A local technician can also fool you and can charge you for something for which you should not pay ....
    I do agree that now a days this business has become a easy way of earning money .. As far as my experience and knowledge is concern , all the fraud business on the name of technical support can be stopped by closing all the third party who provide the gateway for the Indian companies to receive the money via credit card or any means . All the technical support companies should be registered under Service Export Promotion Council . Doing such ...fraud can be cut to 90% as all the companies will have to pay for the services to be exported and will be under a scan if they make any fraud .

  45. Hey courageous step you have taken to unfold reality in front of people...I salute your spirit!!!

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  46. MI-USA Just got a call. Told them they were full of sh*t. They called me back 3 times.

  47. Thanks for writing this article. It is good to know that there are honest people like yourself who refused to be part of such a pathetic scamming organization. Your honesty and knowledge will help you land a real job and those scamming idiots are not worth your time. You deserve to have a legitimate technical support job where you can use your skills and knowledge to help people. Keep up the good work.

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    1. Cool, smart and spirited people here. Thanks, guys! Also lovely girl named Kelly Jones. \m/

  49. Hi there, yes this blog has been most insightful and I will pass it on...THANK YOU. You are an inspiration.
    I need your help with seems like a new scam. Although these Indian callers claim to be calling from the Consumer Production Department on behalf of the Australian Federal Commission. I have been called up to 10 times now. They start by saying they want to refund my money due to the "online pc" company scam, that I actually got sucked into 2-3 years ago. However since then I have changed my computer to a mac. So they continue to say they do not want any personal details about myself or my computer, and all I need to do is go to and download the free all-in-one software for remote support & online meetings. This will free my computer from the malware on my IP address, which affects my new computer. The first time I started to download this but realised it was a download (because the link seems different every time) & cancelled it a 1/4 way in. So they go on to say this will delete the malwear (or spywear is it called) that was installed into my old computers IP therefore it still affects my new Mac computer which they claim could or is having problems due to this factor. Once this is done then & only then they can process the refund. What I'd like clarification with please, as I don't really get the workings of computers just love using them, is this information true about the scam spyware that was attached to my IP address on my now old pc computer still affect my new computer???...or are they full of shit??? ...obviously technically i have no idea...but I detect a scam and am not convinced so I hang up. The last caller at the end of a long talk told me "Fuck You miss" repeatedly because I wouldn't trust him. It was upsetting and I explained repeatedly that i had been scammed before so understand my untrust & scepticisim & could they show me a link to their organisation to verify authenticity.
    Anyway very long story & I am sure everyone has heard it all before. I just needed to share as they just keep calling me. How do I get rid of their calls???

    AND I would like to know this information as I will call the Australian Federal Commission (police) to report this act. I would like to know what I am talking about so I can enforce this matter to them as importantly urgent.

    Thank you for all your awesome work! Bless.

    1. Hi

      First of all I am sorry for my late reply.
      I am amazed to see these scammers new story they have come up with. It’s totally bullshit. These people can never block your IP address. IP address is an address of your computer which is assigned by your ISP (Internet Service Provider). So don't worry these people are capable of nothing. All they know is to make stories and pass on these stories to those who are not technically strong.
      You can check yourself how they have tried to fool you once again. They told you to download 'Teamviewer' which is entirely a software to share your computer with your pals and hence it got nothing to do with malware. Once again they were looking for access of your new MAC and might have ruined it.
      You did great.
      But unfortunately these calls cannot be blocked without the intervention of your government.

      If you need any help I am here for you.
      I am once again sorry for late reply./

      Thanks for posting this.

  50. Just got called but I live in germany!

    Please tell me if this is also/the new scam site! Told them I would wire the money tomorrow so I have time to check things out and with your help I`ve succeeded (I hope)! I have the bank data they gave me and names of so called Microsoft Certified Helpers.

    I have some questions like:

    1. Can they send me a bill I´d be stuck with?
    2. They didn´t use Ammyy...everything had either RescueMe or HPSupport on it...

    Please give me answers A.S.A.P. if possible...

    Keep up the information spreading! I know I will!

    (P.S. Will be checking you´r site daily (if not hourly) until I have some more answers!) :-) It is scary and I don`t have money to blow out for this!!!

    Thank you!!!

    1. Hi

      Thanks for writing to me. This website is totally a scam. There are using HP brand name in their domain name to fool you around and pretending that these people are from HP.
      Ans1. Certainly they will send you a copy of bill but it’s of no use. These people are in India or may be somewhere else which makes clear enough that if these people run away with your money there is nothing you can do.
      Ans2. Many scammers have stopped using Ammyy but there are certain softwares available for remote desktop sharing. Rescue me is one of those. So please don’t give access of your system to these people.

      Please do not wire transfer any transaction. And I would like to request you to please share those bank details here. Its your hard earned money, use it wisely.

      If you need any help with your computer/laptop I will do that for you FOR FREE. :)

    2. I can give you a proof that this website is FAKE.
      1. Open the website
      2. Scroll down at the end of the page.
      3. At footer observe the line 'Build a free website at'.
      4. Click on this link and will get open. is a platform where people can create website/blogs just like or

      If I will create a FAKE website for DELL on wordpress it will be displayed as or
      Now this doesn't mean that I own dell. Always look for name immediate before .com or .gov. Now if I will open then this is a genuine website.

      *Always check the URL of website*

  51. Thanks!
    I was dumb enough to give them access to my pc for about an hour but watched every move they made. I´m only hoping they didn´t copy or add anything I don´t know of in the backround. I removed all installed programs with yesterdays installation date.

    I think they just called three times in a row. Because they call without showing a number.

    For payment they told me to go to the next western union bank and gave me this transfer data:

    Country: India
    Reciever name: Tridip Sarkar
    City: Kolkata
    Ammount: 50€
    (because I said I don`t have more at present):-)
    purpose: personal

    I wrote down the names that the two remote programs showed while they had control:

    Mikel Jack
    Steve Walakar

    They used some self created program called ATL-Cleaner.

    Well, as said I just hope they couldn´t copy things like passwords in the backround. Other than that I´m pretty sure they can´t use any remote programs any more. I guess I´ll see if they got passwords or so in a couple of days since I will not pay.

    Will keep u updated AND I´m thinking of ways to pull out information since they still think I´m a friend. :-)
    If you have any interests or ideas of good questions just tell me. If not I think I´m just going to waste some of their time on the phone...AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE. :-)

    This stuff only happens because people are scared. Once they hear about a big company name and words like "official" or "certified" they think of epensive lawyers and high bills. I hate it...

    Thanks for the help!

  52. Wonderful blog & good post.Its really helpful for me, awaiting for more new post. Keep

  53. At first thx for your help.
    On saturday evening called me the so called and scared me to death that my pc is infected and so on.
    The only good thing is that the money transaction failed and i said Iwill do it today on monday
    In the meantime I read your blog, i blogged my Visa card and did not transfere the money.but now thetelefon is ringing nonstop the stationary and my mobil. So what could i do?
    Ifollowed your advise and went to ammy admin and the "remove"was grey. So am I save or do the have further access to my computer?

    1. Hi

      You cannot stop them calling except you can block their number if they are calling from a specific number else there is no option. Now about ammyy, since Remove button is greyed out you are on the safer side but still i would insist you to goto Downloads folder and delete this file permanently.


    2. first time in my life i am feeling shame for being an indian. it must be close down and u did wonderful job but there are company such as and qresolve ,where 1000 of people are working , and many other companies. second this if anyone want to open this kind for IT solutions company (genuine) then where he can get the rules and regulations (ethical ) for company

  54. Hi, it´s Anonymous3 July 2013 03:05 again...

    They just called me again because they were waiting for my payment...

    He called from this number:
    00158-5637 0915

    First time I´ve seen a number from them so I thought I should post it.

  55. Hi, nice description about Exposing Indian Call Center Scam.Thanks for your help..


  56. Hi ... Is there some law or some agency, where we can report these fake support centers...?

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  58. They called me before I knew of this scam.
    Luckily my bullshit detector kicked in when they told me to download something from a non-Microsoft site.

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  60. This is a bg bull shit

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  62. another number they use is 844 2720 796.

  63. I'm really glad I found this post to back up my feelings about the call I just got from "Service Provider for Windows Computer" Or
    He gave me a phone number, which apparently is "against company policy" to give it to me before I pay, but he gave it to me because I was a "valued customer" *BSHIT ALERT* the number is +44 20 33182 320. And the website he led me to for letting him take control of the computer was not windows or microsoft. I hope this gets more press!

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  74. Unfortunately, I have to confirm that this blog is still useful. This scam seems to have reared its head again in Europe as I've just had a call in German and English in Switzerland.
    Stupidly, like so many of us, I allowed them to connect to my PC using the remote tools ShowMyPC (which didn't work) then AMMYY. I was passed to 3 different 'technical experts' who amongst other things checked the computers 'id'. Finally they opened the site to prove they are legit and as I'm somewhat paranoid about these cold calls and then being asked to pay - I refused.
    I have an old XP operating system and as he was still selling me the benefits of their support, I noticed that the technician had opened a systems window 'Syskey' and was inputting a new password. He did this so quickly that if I hadn't unplugged the internet before he validated the confirmation I think I was in for some blackmail.
    For those who are unaware, the Syskey is an (old) widows option used to block the start-up of the PC unless you have the password.
    When he no longer had control of the PC he then treatened my with the fact that they could hack my PC with the PC's ID. I'm not technical enough to know if this is true, but the fact that a Microsoft engineer treatened to hack my PC led to me to searching / finding this blog.
    Thanks to all

  75. i confirm all the stories above and now they have entered south africa ,i felt a victim of them just yesterday 6th of June 2014. they are scam with all the detailed experiences above. how can we stop them in south africa

  76. they took over my laptop for 15min and i saw messages been perused ,copying,pasting and deleting before i quickly off my system but they are already taken money from my payment thus people are very dangerous witin 2second they finished your life . that gave me insight to check them up on the net and i found they are international fraud gangsters, south african please bewared

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  78. We had this idiot named Brendan calling trying to sell all sorts of crap. Really was a complete pain and nothing other than a complete fraud that I couldn't get off the phone or my computer.

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  80. Called me in OH, USA tonight and spent 45 min. trying to convince me. 6 years this has been going on!

  81. Iv'e have received three calls this week. Saw the numbers in the display of my phone - got suspicious and didn't answer. Googled one of the numbers and ended up at this blog :-) The three numbers are: 15852439807, 15167859420, 15856370915. I actually answered once a couple of years ago but ended the conversation quickly. A man claiming being MS tech etc. with an Indian accent. I live in Sweden, by the way. Thanks for the blog - keep up the good work.


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  88. Had call yesterday from the 0015856370915 no.saying they would 'block my computer'. "Good luck with that" I said, "I don't have one" and hung up!! Previously have had various calls purporting to be from "Microsoft" and being well aware they were scams told them the same thing. One person replied "do you have a laptop then?" - couldn't make it up, could you? VERY technical people.....!!

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  98. today Saturday april 4th at 9 AM I got a call with indian accent, saying more or less the same "you got viruses on your computer" the# 0015856370915 when I asked.. how do you know my landline number.. they stopped the call, but the most funny is that I'm located in Spain not in UK or English speaking countries and usually here no one speaks English,, and Saturday at 9 AM everyone is sleeping after Friday party :)

  99. mytechgurus which is from IV Support , at Chennai (India) is also a scam company.


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