Saturday, 17 December 2011

Why your best paid antivirus (Norton, Mcafee) doesn't seem to work against theirs free Malwarebytes?

The answer is pretty much simple. They put viruses on your computer using the Ammyy or any other remote desktop sharing tool. Using Ammyy, once access is granted, that person can copy any file from their computer to yours without your knowledge. That's how they put viruses first on your computer and then install Malwarebytes. After installation, they run a scan, will show the viruses and tell you that your antivirus is not that powerful as theirs. 99% people are scammed this way.
These people are installing MalwareBytes with blacklisted product keys and thats why most of the time your computer crashes because MalwareBytes is registered with a product key which is blacklisted and upon restarting 80% chances are their that your computer will not respond. So get rid of that software as soon as possible by uninstalling it in Safe Mode.




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  8. Really nice and great blog.

    But I like to asked a question to the blog writer .

    How do your gather this information so correctly ?
    The question arise in my mind is.

    Are you also a scammer?
    You have been kicked out by the scam company . And now you are taking a kickass revenge to those company.

    Any way whatever is the reason. You are doing good in all aspect. No mattter any thing this blog should be hit.

    1. Aright!
      This is not a kickass revenge. I was working brilliantly but when I came to know that this is a scam I decided to leave that job and expose this to everyone. Those were phone calls from UK that forced me to highlight this issue. People were extremely frustrated and hatred for Indians was building up. i just tried to restored the relationship between two community or rather say two countries.

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