Saturday, 1 March 2014

New Scam: ICANN certification of Domain Names

Last month I listed few domains on a domain selling website hoping a good amount for my domain names. A week later after listing my domains I received a mail from ‘Mark Frei’ who sent an email from this email address

I was very happy that finally I going to make some money without doing a lot of hard work. Without wasting much time I wrote back to Mark with asking price of $650 and I was stunned when he replied from another email
 Check his reply:

$5000 seriously!!!
This cannot be true, I said to myself. This guy is definitely going to deceive me because I don’t have that good luck J. So I start probing and tried to find out the real picture and then he forwarded a link of ICANN organization to get domain appraisals.
I heard about ICANN. It’s a (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) non profit organization that manage IP address and DNS system.

I opened that link and when I saw the page I can hear the bell ‘Dude you are about to be scam’ J
Then to confirm I searched on google and opened real site of ICANN which is and on this website it’s clearly written that they are a non-profit organization.
The URL that was sent to me was cleverly chosen to pretend that its ICANN and they charge people for domain appraisals which is NOT true. There is nothing like ‘domain appraisals’ or ICANN certificate in ICANN.

So spread the word and save people from being scammed.